Miss·Elaine·eous: 10 and 11 months

Seeing as I didn’t lug a baby book halfway around the world with me, I don’t really have any documentation of Elaine’s life besides this. I’ve never been good at remembering dates. I have to ask for Ben’s birthdate every time I fill out a form at the airport. I’m terrible at it. I am in awe when I talk to moms that can recall the day their babies started crawling or eating solid food or gave up their pacifiers…and their babies are now full grown adults. I can’t even remember how old my baby is currently. I told someone she was 9 months old yesterday. False. She’s almost 1. Yikes.

All that to say, this whole miss.elaine.eous thing has been very helpful, I’ll feel like one of those stellar moms that can remember everything. Until I realize that I haven’t written anything in the last 3 months and it’s all one big blur of baby.

But let me give it a shot…

Elaine is now one teeny, tiny, talking, walking machine. She is on the move and she loves it. She’s a slower walker than she is crawler, so I’m enjoying that part. She gets a kick out of walking and does it best when she has a golf ball in each hand.

She may be walking, but she’s a walking baby…not a toddler. Wishful thinking? She is still so small.  She weighs 19 lbs. Which apparently puts her in the bottom 10%. But she still has rolls so I’m guessing she’s just petite and healthy.  In America she had a growth spurt and outgrew all her 3-6 month footie pjs.  She was 10 months old.  Come to think of it, maybe it’s just because all her clothes were put in a dryer for the first time and shrank…or maybe it was the pounds and pounds of blueberries she ate every meal.

Just before Elaine got to the 10 month mark, she took her first solo steps. We were pretty excited…until I remembered that I would be flying alone with her to the US. Thankfully she took a very encouraged hiatus from walking for a few weeks so I didn’t have to chase her down the aisles of the airplane.

I feel like each stage of her life is more fun than the last. She can play the whole “how big is Elaine?” game (or as we call it “touchdown Carolina!”) and has just learned how to give kisses. She can sign “more” and “all done” although her preferred means of communication is total meltdown. She has started imitating us which is a fascinating, and somewhat scary, thing.  The other day I was smacking my gum and sure enough all afternoon Elaine smacked on her imaginary gum.

She’ll also pick up anything that resembles a phone, put it to her ear and say “Hi”, pause, then fake laugh. It cracks us up.

Now that her hands are free when she walks, she carries around this little zebra pouch (thanks Aunt Carol!) and puts anything round she can find into it. Hours of fun.

She also loves sitting on things. People, boxes, Mac. But her favorite thing is her booster seat when it’s on the ground. She’ll sit there and pretend to read. She looks like a little old man in her La-Z-boy. Oh, man. We love her so much.


2 thoughts on “Miss·Elaine·eous: 10 and 11 months

  1. I absolutely love her in the overalls!! you’re getting her ready for farm trips to aunt/uncle emily/perry’s, right?! Can’t wait to see you all again…she’s growing up too fast!

  2. We are so happy you are raising that young lady to be a Gamecock! ;-) Seriously, she is such a cutie pie! Enjoyed your post, as always.

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