The Water Side of Life

Early Monday morning Ben took off for the Kenya border town of Moyale- a hefty days drive away.  Right now Water is Life has a lot of projects going on in the Borena region.  Ben seems to be down there all the time these days, checking up on the drilling efforts and problem solving with our team there.  This week he’s introducing some visitors from the U.S to the projects and doing some reporting for donors that have been supporting our work there.

I live vicariously through Ben’s photos these days.  Although I don’t miss staying at shady hotels, I do miss being out in the field and seeing the impact that clean water has on the lives of the people we’re working for.

Now Ben has been saying he’s going to write a post about what is going on with the water side of our lives, but 3 ½ years in and it still hasn’t happened, so until he gets around to it, here are some photos from his trips to Borena…

Collecting water

The ‘hood

The drilling in progress…

Clean water!

 As hard as parts of this job have been, it’s been really awesome to see the progress that’s being made. Ben would have numbers and budgets and data to confirm the progress, but I just look at these pictures and see these faces and I’m pretty convinced.